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For some time my range of system components for a high performance 10GHz Transverter has been available only by 'special order'. Sadly, I've recently had to take the decision to completely stop their production. The reasons for this can be resolved into three basic factors: component availability, insufficient interest, and a lack of time. One of the problems making equipment for our bands above 5.6GHz is that there are few large quantity applications, such as mobile communications, which provide a source of suitable components which can be mined for our purposes. That means that suitable modern devices like power amplifiers, and even low-power gain-block MMICs suitable for amateur radio use tend to be very expensive. It requires a certain amount of engineering cunning to find ways around this. The use of surplus NOS parts isn't really an option. Even current components can disappear overnight. The major blow to the transverter system components came when the manufacturer suddenly discontinued the 2W PA device. There was, and is, no direct replacement for this part, and a work-around would have required a major revision of two boards which couldn't be justified. Although the project originally generated quite a lot of interest, that wasn't reflected in sales. I designed the range for automated assembly, as that was the only way of reducing the costs to a sensible level, however, in practice, the interest simply didn't justify the investment. This was a hobby project which I did primarily because it provided some interesting technical challenges. It hasn't, contrary to rumour, made me rich! Quite the opposite. There is a limit to the amount I can afford to spend on effectively subsidising other people's projects. For the next three years, I'll support those boards I've already sold, but I won't be making any more. Although in the future I may consider other microwave equipment as 'commercial' projects, for now I've decided to spend what little spare time I have working on my own equipment!
Chris Bartram GW4DGU. 12 January 2016.

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